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Although this data is not 100% accurate, it is probably the most accurate information available. Employee group benefit brokers need to know where to find the plans to meet their client needs. It is an established fact that employers can not handle the whole burden of offering a grocery list of benefits that their workers want. Consequently, brokers work with the employee and his workforce. The worker is given options to have additional cover available with the convenience that premiums are paid directly from their salary. This is a win-win-win situation for the employer, the worker and the agent.

Here you will find the best national insurance companies in this market, along with others that market in most countries. For brokers who sell products with only one insurance company, this seems impractical and virtually impossible. I carry around a Swiss Army knife, which, although useful, is often unable to perform the job correctly. From my experience, therefore, I have found that most agents sell plans now and then, representing more than one insurance company. Like the Swiss Army, no one can serve an insurance company in all situations. According to my records, the average broker who is a regular seller regularly represents three national insurance companies for this employee market.

For your convenience, there are two lists arranged alphabetically. The first is the carriers licensed to sell their employee benefit plans in all 50 countries. The second list is from countries that sell at least 40 countries. Everyone should have websites to receive quick additional information. With 100 top national insurance companies listed, it might be time to visit a few more.


1. ACI Specialty Benefits

2. Advantica Eyecare


4. AIG Employee Benefit Solutions

5. Allstate Workplace Department

6. US Sentinel Insurance Company

7. Ameritas Group

8. Benefits of insured employees

9. Avesis

10. BCS Insurance Company

11. Beta Health Association, Inc.

Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company


14. Combined solutions for insurance works

15. CCG cost control group

16. Davis Vision

17. Delta Dentistry

18. Dental dentistry and vision

19. Dental choice

20. EyeMed Vision Care

21. EZ Meds USA

22. GPM Life

23. Major U.S. Insurance from NY

24. Major U.S. Supplementary Benefit Group of TX

25. Guardian Life Insurance Company

Hartford Life

27. HM Insurance Group

28. Humana

29. Independent health

30. Employee benefits of ING

31. Benefits of Liberty Mutual Group

32. Lincoln Financial Group

33. Madison Life Insurance Company

34. Magnum Dental & Vision

35. Majestic endorsers

36. MedAmerica Insurance Company

37. Medico Insurance Company

38. MESVision

39. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

40. Minnesota Life Insurance Company

41. Mutual Omaha Insurance Company

42. Nationwide financial

43. Patriot Health, Inc.

44. Petersen International Underwriters


46. ​​Main financial group

47. Prudential Company of America

48. Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company

49. SecureCare Dental

50. Security Life Insurance Company of America

51. Security Mutual Life Insurance Company of NY

52. Spiritual dental life and vision

53. Standard Insurance Company

54. Standard Life Insurance Company of NY

55. Sun Life Financial

56. Super Vision Services

57. Symetra Financial

58. Transamerica Affinity Services in MD

59. Transamerica Worksite Marketing

60. Trustmark Voluntary Benefits Solutions

61. Retirement plans for UNIFI enterprises

62. United States Insurance Company

63. United Concordia Enterprises

64. United States Health Programs

65. Unum

66. VSP Vision Care

TOP MULTI-STATE INSURANCE COMPANIES Licensed in 40 or more states.

1. American Fidelity Assurance Company, minus NY

2. U.S. Public Life Insurance Company, -NY

3. American United Life Insurance Company, -NY

4. ArmadaCare, -7 state

5. Insurance Life Insurance Company, -N

6. BasicPlus Insurance Services, -10 state

7. Block vision, -9 states

Brokers National Assurance Company, -6 states

9. Colonial life, -2 states

Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Company, -2 state

11. Companion Life Insurance Company, -4 mentioned

12. Conseco Insurance Companies, – 2 statements

13. Continental American Insurance Company, -NEW

Dominion Dental Services, Inc., -4 states

15. EMC National Life Company, – 2 states

16. First Dearborn Life Insurance Company, -NY

17. HealthPartners, -2 states

Illinois Mutual, -4 state

19. John Hancock, -2 declared

20. Kansas City Life Group, -2 state

Minnesota Life Insurance Company, -2 state

22. Mutual Trust Financial Group, -2 state

23. Ohio National Financial Services, -3 state

24. Oxford Life Insurance Company, – 5 state

25. Penn Agreement Network America, -7 state

26. Renaissance Life and Health Insurance Company, -NY

27. Securian Dental Plans, -6 States

28. Significa Insurance Group, Inc., -5 state

29. Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company, -5 state

30. Starmark, -10 states

31. Texas Life Insurance Company, -NY

32. Transamerica Life Insurance Company, -5 state

33. Trustmark Life Insurance Company, -9 reports

34. Western Reserve Life, -NY

Other insurance organizations and insurance companies

It covers most of the United States. These are the American Continental Insurance Company, the American Specialty Health Insurance Company, the Best Life, the Catholic Family Life, the Columbian Mutual Life, the Continental American Insurance, the Oriental Life and Health Insurance Company, the Fair Life and Accident Company, the Life Insurance Company in the Guarantee Income , Kemper Investors, Pro Financial Services, and William Penn Association.

Shenandoah Life Insurance Company is not listed as it is experiencing problems. I apologize that all businesses that miss this market segment fail.

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