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Newspapers tell about the stories of court cases every day. Cases where the jury awards millions of dollars for injuries resulting from car, house or boat accidents, or even death.

If you are like others who did not get enough responsibility, you can have catastrophic losses from any accidents. This can lead to financial loss for you and your family.

What is the solution? Umbrella insurance protects you with the cover of your current car, house or boat, providing further protection that will encourage you to consume your other restrictions.

Personal umbrella insurance policy. Loose definition

Working as a disaster prevention program, personal asylum policy covers you և your family from liability, if the jury decides to reward others և you have to pay the money.

A homelessness policy imposes further liability restrictions on your home, apartment, or tenant policy, as well as at least $ 1,000,000 in car insurance. More coverage. It can also be purchased for up to $ 5,000,000. This can provide protection against risks that could be excluded from any current policy.

Examples of related litigation

1. A neighborhood boy helped clean up a landlord’s well. The boy suddenly slipped, fell from the roof and suffered a severe neck injury. The trial ended with the injured boy being given $ 1,500,000 to pay for the many surgeries he needed.

2. In the aftermath of a car accident that left a single mother with severe injuries to her 2-year-old child, the jury awarded the equivalent of $ 1,700,000 to the driver who caused the accident.

3. A vacation at a ski resort ended in tragedy when a teenager lost control of the mountain and crashed into four, resulting in serious injuries. $ 1,200,000 was given to one victim who suffered a facial disfigurement.

4. A mother had a car accident while taking her son and his friends to a baseball game. Several children were seriously injured. The plaintiffs sued the driver of the car, who was pursued by the court, for a total of 1 million 600 thousand dollars.

Every day scenarios that could happen to anyone …

Given the umbrella policy. Think about your current income և assets as well as your future income և assets. There is no better time to build a better defense for your family than today.

You are:

• Home or tando owner?

• For rent?

• Car or vehicle owner?

• Parent of a young driver.

• Owner of a boat, ATV or motorcycle?

• Family with children.

If you fall into one or more of the categories listed above, talk to a knowledgeable independent agent who understands your needs for more umbrella insurance.

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