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Damage to insects and pests

It is quite easy to determine the damage of insects in the sense that they cause damage to any small airborne human. It is less easy to distinguish pest damage in the sense that the definition requires a certain degree of subjectivity, that is, small animals, especially rodents, that bother humans. For example, Sincoff v. In Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Co., 11 NY 2d 386 (1962), the court ruled that carpet beetles were not exceptionally harmful. Perhaps a slightly more understandable court ruled that in the case of Unimof v. Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance, 442 NY 2d 892 (1981), Recon damage is not excluded by excluding pests. Again, pests ների Insect control should be the approximate cause of loss. For example, Harvey v. Switzerland General Insurance Co., 260 SW 2d 342 (1953) the plaintiff claimed to have damaged his carpet. Moths All risk policies included exceptions to moth և pest damage, the insurer claimed that moth և pest damage was in fact the approximate cause. The court rejected this argument, stating that there was no evidence that the moth damage had caused a third party to use a solution that damaged the carpet. His occupation arose out of fear of moth infection, not out of harm.

Other processes

Other processes, such as the wet or dry odor (degradation by bacteria or fungi), are all natural processes that occur either over time or without the aid of external events. In the light of the above US authorities, it is debatable that even if these processes are accelerated by external events, the damage can be ruled out. It will depend a lot on the facts of each case, on the formulation of the policy.

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