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There are many things to consider when buying car insurance just for the price. You need to carefully consider all the types of insurance coverage that will play a big role in the value of your premiums.

It may seem a bit confusing, but getting the cheapest policy can actually cost you a lot of money along the way. Why might you ask? Getting minimal state coverage can leave you naked like this. In the event of a car collision, the amount of money needed to cover the accident may be significantly more than your policy limits.

Even worse, you can sue զ to decorate your salary. If you have injured another person in an accident and you have not been able to pay for all of their medical bills, you probably will.

Get the best insurance for your needs

Let’s stick to the cheapest type of insurance, basic liability insurance. If you get the state minimum, you can get monthly prices as low as $ 30. The problem is, your car could cost $ 15,000 or more. In the event of a collision, guess what, your plan will not pay to repair your car. If it’s completely consolidated, it means you just lost $ 15K, which is a lot of money.

Now that low-cost liability policy just cost you thousands of people. Public Liability և Property damage should only be used under certain conditions. For example, if you have a car that costs less than $ 3,000 and you do not drive much, you may be able to take that risk. Also, if you are a college student whose old walk is very expensive, you can take the risk of staying within your budget. However, if you have an expensive car to protect your assets, you need to buy extra protection.

The other thing to consider about this cheap policy is legal liability. The United States is a very opportune country. There are literally tens of thousands of injury lawyers looking for new cases. This means that if you get into a traffic accident that you have been held responsible for, a limited policy may come back to bite you. Let’s say you only have $ 50,000 in medical protection. You check your cell phone while driving, drive a red light և T-bone to have nice ladies used in Honda. He goes to the hospital for two weeks and spends $ 250,000 in the hospital.

His lawyer will immediately sue you for the balance of these costs, which in this example is $ 200,000. You can go to court to fight it, but it will cost you a thousand dollars to hire a lawyer. In this example, the judge may award the victim $ 200,000 in legal fees, which will hurt you sooner. There may be a monthly payment schedule of $ 2,000 within ten years of your customs clearance. So, in the long run, your $ 39 a month policy-saving money will only bring you wealth.

The most important thing to consider when shopping is to protect your assets. If you earn more than $ 60,000 a year, get a policy with up to $ 500,000 in accident coverage. If you are in serious trouble, you will be properly covered and you will not be financially strapped. You can pay 130 130 a month even more for a higher limit plan, but in the long run it is a smart move.

You can take advantage of discounts for a good driver or senior citizen և save 5% or more. Another great tip is to increase your withdrawal to $ 1000 or more. This way you can get an enhanced engineering plan at a lower rate. Just remember to put $ 1k aside in the unfortunate event you are in for an accident է you need to make a quick claim.

Buy car insurance directly և save big

Now that you have chosen the type of insurance you want, it is time to shop at the best prices.

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