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It is difficult to find many people today who have not been affected by long-term care costs and extra family burdens. Advances in medical science bring longevity. Along with longevity come the costs and burdens of aging. These health problems can be caused by illness, accidents, or simply the effects of aging.

Guardianship is always difficult for family members. You can not really depend on a woman, because if you are older, so is your wife. Adult children will have their own careers, families: responsibilities. A new survey by the Associated Press-NORC Public Research Center shows that many young people are already providing long-term care for older loved ones. It is not easy for them.

The survey shows that one-third of American adults under the age of 40 have already cared for older family members, and one-third are expected to be called in within the next five years.

Many are aware that the United States Department of Health and Human Services says that if you reach age 65, you have a 70% chance of needing some kind of long-term care before you die.

This means that this is less “if” and more “when” և “how much?”

Better statistics is this one. it will either happen or it will not work.

If this happens, you will be responsible for finding a family member who can provide care or buy care at home or at home. The vast majority of long-term care services are back-up. This means that you need help with normal activities of daily living, or you need control over Alzheimer’s or cognitive impairment.

When you turn 65, or Medicare և your Medicare supplement, you will only pay for 100 days of skilled care. That’s why long-term care is such a problem.

However, some financial planners – insurance agents – prefer to look into long-term care insurance. Many do not understand the product, signature, policy-making product of the Long-Term Care Partnership program, which is available in 45 states.

Why? There are several reasons. Some are simply ignorant of the facts. However, most of them are well aware of the impact of financial costs on the severity of aging. So why not long-term care insurance?

There is a huge misunderstanding of the value of politics. You may even have read the articles. They point to high premiums or premium increases over time.

The fact is that the premiums are very affordable for many people. Of course, if you are 75 years old when you get a policy, the premium will be based on that age և your health at 75 years old. However, people add long-term care insurance to their retirement plan before retiring, when most are in their 50s. . Most of my clients are between 45 and 67 years old. Bonuses are very affordable at this age, especially if you are in good health and your policies are well-designed.

Policy making is possible. Most lawsuits are for home care, which usually costs less than a skilled nursing home. The policy pays for quality care if you wish. This includes home care, adult day care, supportive living, memory care, as in a traditional nursing home.

The American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance says most lawsuits relate to in-home services. Major companies paid more than $ 9.2 billion in benefits to American families in 2017. Politics works very well. They give families a choice և reduce the huge burden on loved ones.

The partnership’s long-term care policy provides protection for another asset for one dollar. This means you can get enough long-term care benefits to protect your assets without having to spend a fortune and spend a lot.

Some insurance agents և financial planners may want you to buy expensive life insurance policies… instead or վատ do nothing և self-insure.

There are a number of obvious “hybrid” policies. These are life insurance policies or annuities specifically designed for long-term care. For some people, this may be the best solution. But it is not usually the general insurance agent or financial planner who talks about these options.

You need an experienced long-term care professional. There are a handful of professionals all over the country. These are people, like myself, who represent all the major companies, understand the policy-making, the underwriting, the strength of the partnership program, the requirements, so that they know how the policy is actually being used.

In my case, I have thousands of clients over the 20 years I have helped people plan for aging. Remember that premiums are based on your age և health as well as the amount of benefits you want to receive at the time of application. These policies are tailor-made, so you need a professional who works with all the major companies to help you find the right coverage.

So as for the premium, it increases. Yes, it is true that old policies sold decades ago had an increase in premiums. This “legacy” policy was priced before interest rate stabilization rules now apply in many countries.

The current long-term care insurance policy is presumably written, which is much more scientific-conservative than ever. Premiums now take into account low interest rates, low rates փորձ experience of actual requirements. Today’s long-term care insurance plans have a much smaller chance of raising premiums in the future, according to the actuarial community.

Despite these facts, it is not easy for insurance companies to raise the prices of products sold today. This should bring a lot of peace to consumers, as they plan to save money by reducing the extended care they receive for their loved ones.

Perhaps the biggest difference between a long-term care professional, a financial planner, or a general insurance agent is that they view long-term care insurance as just a financial decision. Yes, money can! However, a long-term care professional knows that this applies to your family, your family.

Without a plan for your future life, your family will be responsible for everything. The first requirement when my clients’ adult children tell me at the time of filing is that their mom or dad’s policy has allowed them to have a family. They are always grateful for the help that has allowed them to be loving and supportive. This way they can spend quality time with mom or dad, not worry about where the money is coming from or worse, have to take care of themselves.

Working with a long-term care professional will allow you to get accurate information. There are several reference sites for research.

LTC News offers articles ուրս resources:

US Health և Humanity Service:

Prolonged care will affect you, your family, your savings, your lifestyle. Long-term care insurance is an easy-to-use asset protection. These programs not only protect your savings but also reduce the burden on your family members. Let your financial planner deal with your mutual fund, stocks: bonds. It is their expertise. Let the general insurance agent get you the best deal on your home և car insurance. But for long-term care, consult a specialist. Act before you retire with lower premiums and generally better health.

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