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The moss usually starts to appear in the spring, when the rain is heavier. It is an attractive quality for many things, such as antique fences, old barns, tree trunks and river banks. As for the roof systems, the moss is not even slightly attractive, does not contribute to the proper performance of the roof, և longevity. Keep reading to find out what costly problems can grow mosses for residential and commercial roofs.

How are you?

If your house or building is located in a shady area that does not receive much sunlight, your roof is at risk of moss growth. The moss grows when the cold and wet meet. Thus, for the properties located under these conditions, rain այլ other types of precipitation can lead to moss growth in a very short period of time. It can also lead to the development of mold, algae and debris. There are many problems with the growth of moss on the roof, all of which can be avoided with regular inspections, cleaning and minor repairs.

B spell appeal

Have you ever seen roofs with large gray or green patches on them? This is due to the accumulation of moss, which is the result of poor maintenance of the roof. Not only is this unattractive, it greatly reduces the unbridled attractiveness of the property. This can affect your relationship with the city or your neighbor’s Homeowners Association (HOA). It may also prevent you from selling your property in the real estate market.


Moss, mold, mildew, algae, dirt, and ambiguous turbidity will all reduce the life of the roof system. Asphalt roofs are expected to last 20-30 years or more, but allowing moss to bypass your roof can reduce its lifespan by 30%. Why? Because moss creates a lot of structural problems in roof systems.


Moss produces fine fibers called “rhizomes” that penetrate deep into the base of the roof. This loosens the solid particles that are designed to protect the covers from bending, cracking and drying. Moreover, moss can absorb moisture 20 times more than its own weight. This means that it holds a significant amount of water, which simply sits on your roof, waiting to damage the shingles, the substrate և the roof structure in general. This will eventually lead to damp insulation of the attic, leaking ceilings and large internal water leaks.

Homeowners insurance

What could complicate moss problems? Your homeowners insurance policy may not cover damages. It is a common practice for homeowners’ insurance companies to regularly check the condition of their insured home. This is common for those who refinance. However, if your roof is very dirty, your homeowner’s insurance company may require you to clean it. Sometimes they cancel the policy altogether, especially if such notice is ignored.

What to do

If you have moss on your roof, you should contact a local, reputable roofing company for help. They can teach you how to properly maintain your roof և Manage all roof problems.

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