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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Theft Outside The Home

Although many homeowners go out and buy homeowners insurance policies to protect their home and property, many do not think about this insurance coverage until something happens, such as a fire, hurricane or theft.

While many landlords like to believe that they live in safe neighborhoods that will never be affected by crime, it is difficult to completely rule out whether the house will ever be affected by theft. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the thefts inside the house, outside, in order to ensure that these items are properly insured, properly inventoried, properly inspected.

Almost all good Homeowners Insurance companies will recommend a thorough inventory of household items ացնել Update that list at least once a year to ensure that your insurance coverage is fully covered.

This will also help ensure that you get the full cost of replacing any damaged or stolen property. In addition, some Homeowners Insurance companies may even want to divide property into categories that are prone to theft. This is something that many homeowners have never considered. What is prone to theft inside the house?

One of the first categories that every insurance company will look for in the field of household goods theft is electronics. Unfortunately, many thieves know that electronics are easily pledged or sold because they are a hot product in many parts of the world. Electronics can be from a TV, DVD player, PC or laptop, IPOD or CD player stereo.

Insurers can list any large or extremely expensive pieces of electronic equipment that may be in the house, և it is equally possible to take adequate pictures in case of theft, record the dates of purchase, place of purchase, և model numbers. Manufacturers և model numbers can actually help track down stolen goods.

Another major category of theft items are jewelry and furs. While some homeowners insurance policies will cover the theft of jewelry or furs, many will require a separate policy or separate policy point, which will cost extra because the furs and jewelry are special property.

Insurance contracts will allow you to cover all your jewelry at once, but often this means that you will only be paid a certain amount, for example, $ 2,500 per piece of jewelry. If you have jewelry that is worth more than that amount, such as an engagement ring or a diamond necklace, you may want to consider a policy for that one item.

Note that this will require a product description և cost estimate by the appraiser. Do not forget to always take pictures of jewelry and furs so that the insurance company can review the pictures for replacement value.

Many homeowners completely forget about collectors’ items as a category prone to theft, but many thieves will report such an expensive collection. Collector’s items can include works of art, baseball cards, antiques or even figurines, which are unfortunately too common in home invasions.

With the advent of online apps like eBay, thieves can easily sell this collector’s items to other collectors ել raise their money from your precious possessions. You can take stock, photograph these household items, and report them to your insurance company.

Do not forget to count the household items that thieves may think of taking away from the look of your home. The evening or early evening, especially in summer, when families are mowing the lawn և walking the dog, many people leave the garage door open և it is a target for burglars.

Garage items may include tool kits, large power tools, sports equipment, from scuba gear to summer or winter skiing, even bicycles, exercise equipment, summer grill, electronics. When inventing a home or talking to an insurance agent, be sure to include items that are in the garage but can still be covered by your landlord’s insurance policy.

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