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Terry-Lynn Robinson’s whole life turned upside down when the argument with her ex-husband was catastrophic. When he packed up to move, he decided to take revenge. He took a barbecue and burned the entire length of their bed skirt on the fire. In the room with him. Within minutes, his bedroom was on fire. While Terry managed to escape, his house and life were in dispute. His house, which was set on fire, was uninhabited. He contacted his insurance company, which responded by rejecting his claim. The reason was that because the ex-husband had a title, the damage was caused by the homeowner, so he was not covered. Terri is a victim of spousal violence. he lost his home during the divorce. When things could not get worse, he was told it was him. The insurance he paid for her will not be deducted. The owner had to repay the mortgage on the “perishable shell” while he was living in the shelter. He could not afford to recover his income, he is now facing bankruptcy, with a very real possibility of losing the rest of his property. If you find yourself in this situation, a home insurance lawyer can help.

This is happening more than you think

Terri-Lynn is not the first woman to be a victim of spousal violence or arson. He is certainly not the first to reject the demands. The tragic result of these denials can be a complete loss of quality of life. Home insurance lawyers are the link between the “successful outcome” of these horrific tragedies. Lawyers are fighting for your rights: insurance claims. Insurance is paid so that it is there when it is most needed. It is a tragedy that money is lost, leaving you out of pocket for the extra expenses you can not afford at the worst time of your life.

Lawyers get results

Insurance companies are just that. Companies: Companies exist to make money. In addition, there is a great deal of scrutiny for insurance claims to ensure that the claim is not a forgery. Unfortunately, this type of study often leaves room for owners whose claims are denied. Home insurance lawyers are familiar with insurance և claims laws և regulations. If your claim is rejected, your next best step is to call for help.

Most home insurance attorneys work on a commission basis. This means they are not paid until you do. They understand that your current situation is already creating financial tension. Hiring a lawyer should not put more stress on your current situation. If you can get help, you will need to fight the claim. Call to get the money you need to rebuild your home and life at no cost. Home insurance lawyers are there to fight for you. They are the medium of communication that understands your situation while you have the legal knowledge to work for you. You pay for your insurance to be for you. A home insurance lawyer will take the time to make sure this is exactly what is happening.

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