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Formal insurance coverage has been controversial for individuals and businesses since the late 1800s. However, not all landlords can seem like homeowners in car, property or commercial policies.

On a practical level, you can meet with an experienced independent agent to review your needs, explain your options and plans, and bid on customized coverage for your network purchase while you are there on demand.

This article serves to present another point of view on insurance: fun facts that will stimulate your interest, ease the seriousness of life, perhaps offer opportunities that you never thought existed.

Guess what?

While many people realize that a good driver will have a better insurance score, which leads to lower premium prices, some professionals, such as teachers, accountants, engineers, and nurses, are also placed in the “high probability” category to drive carefully. խուսափ To avoid accidents.

• Is there insurance (for everything) for foreign acquisition?

• Some coffee company executives wanted to be sure that their official taste would retain their good taste, so they bought a $ 10 million policy for that purpose.

• Introducing the bride to an expensive diamond ring is a tradition based on protection. A so-called expensive ring of insurance should have been used as compensation in case the groom got cold feet to tie the knot.

• In Golf Aponia, the price of golf becomes costly if it happens that you win, forcing you to organize a party, sponsor expensive spirits for your fans. Golfers often prefer to buy insurance when they make a profit to cover “losses”.

• If you want, you can get a life insurance policy if you feel like laughing.

• The famous circus insured their performing rhino և elephant so that they could lighten the damage in case of illness or death.

• Question. Who insures international traveling athletes? Answer. They receive insurance in their home country as well as from insurance companies in their host country.

• When one of the silent athletes decided to take a bath in the English TV channel, he received insurance from a company that took the risk on one condition. The pool needed a plug to block the flow of water.

• If you are in the market for a new car, keep in mind that statistically, there are more collisions related to a 2-door car.

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