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What is Mini-Tort?

Laws on no faults in Michigan need not have collision coverage. This is where the limited liability for property damage or mini-tort provision comes into play. Limited property damage, known as the mini-tort exception, allows Michigan accident victims to recover up to $ 500 of their vehicle repair costs under certain circumstances. The purpose is to compensate a person who was involved in a car accident for expenses incurred as a result of the collision. Michigan miniature law assumes that people are free to purchase their own collision coverage. If an individual has existing collision coverage, the full vehicle repair cost of the accident is paid from the policy. Even if someone has a collision coverage, he can still claim a mini-claim for incidental expenses such as a deductible amount. There are different degrees of collision insurance, but in general it covers the cost of repairs to the driver’s own vehicle.

How do you qualify and what can you collect?
If you do not collide with your car, or your coverage is limited, and you owe less than 50 percent for the accident, you can recover the cost of repairing your car via the mini-tort. How much you can recover depends on how much debt you carry. For example, let’s say the damage to your car is $ 100 and the other driver is considered 75 percent for the accident. Then he or she will pay $ 75. These cases are normally handled in a small claims court, but one of the parties involved in the car accident may ask to move the case to a higher jurisdiction.

How do you file a Mini-Tort claim?
To recover the cost of vehicle damage, you can write a letter to the insurer of the person who caused the accident and request the money. Include the police report proving that the person who caused the accident was guilty; a statement from your own insurance company showing your cover; and an estimate of vehicle repairs and / or photographs, including the license plate. You have three years from the date of the car accident to file a lawsuit or to file a mini-claim. After three years, your claim expires and you are unable to collect your mini damages claim against Michigan.

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