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In what brand can you ask? Well, if you have ever used electrical appliances, you will appreciate dealing with reliable brand equipment. STIHL is one of the most famous hereditary brands, dating back to 1926.

Use of powerful legacy in energy equipment

STIHL Electrical Equipment has maintained its leading position in the market. Its versatile products include ornaments, blowers, poles, mounts and reliable chainsaws that the company has been producing since the 1920s.

Features that make STIHL equipment legendary

STIHL not only does not use its rich heritage, but in fact it is the production of these products, which makes them irreplaceable for the owners of timber, landscapes, farmers’ houses.

Here are some incredible features you will find on each device to ensure optimized performance.

1. Strength և versatility

STIHL has perfected the art of creating efficient cars that operate using the amazing STIHL Lithium Ion Battery Combine System. This is a state of the art technology Quintessence provided by the company through wireless, battery-powered, hand-held outdoor equipment.

2. Eco-friendly technology

If there is one area that is overlooked by most manufacturers, it should be energy saving և environmental friendliness through zero pollution. STIHL has decided to shift the paradigm by reducing emissions and increasing energy efficiency, enabling future generations to have a better environment.

3. Safety braking system

Operation of this equipment is a dangerous task as it involves parts that move at incredible speeds. With its chainsaw braking system Quickstop®, you can enjoy the equipment knowing that there is safety in case of impact.

4. Easy power start system

Nothing annoying in outdoor designs as they are cordless handling devices. With STIHL electrical equipment you will not have to pull the cord with the Easy2Start ™ system as the system is easy to start եցնում reduces engine compression.

5. Fuel savings calculator

You can only control what you know և STIHL BR 600 MAGNUM® Backpack Energy Saving Calculator ensures you save on fuel by understanding consumption. After all, you will have a well-made fence without spending money on fuel.

6. Versatile range of ornaments

Over the years in the industry, STIHL has perfected the art of customizing polymers to provide different task lines for countless cuts for different tasks.

7. STIHL OILOMATIC® lubrication technology

Forget about manual lubrication, which is a mess from time to time և inefficient, this new technology delivers oil to critical bearing areas, thereby improving your car’s performance, which means a better finish to the task.

The STIHL electronics offer a lot more, including the wonderful X2 air filtration system, MotoMix® prepaid oil, M-Tronic իչի engine control և electronically controlled fuel injection system. You just have to run one of these machines to evaluate that this key technology is paramount to 100% efficiency.

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